soor ploom

Our clothing is for babies and children, ranging from 0 to 9 years. Each of our fabrics are hand-selected for      quality and style, and include soft linens and fine cottons. The collection is classic and simple, basic but not ordinary. Styles are designed to fit with ease and comfort, while offering room to grow. 

Based in Brooklyn, our Seasonal Collection is produced locally and designed using the highest quality of fabrics from Europe and Japan. Our Essentials Collection is produced in Peru, where we have sourced the finest organic pima cotton and chosen manufacturers that are ethical in their practices.

We consciously make an effort to have a low impact on the environment in everything we do. We do not use plastic in our packaging, and we recycle and up-cycle our disused fabric. 

Our children are the inspiration behind our brand; we believe we can have a positive impact on their lives by teaching them to care about the clothing they wear and how it is made. We strive to cultivate an appreciation for quality over quantity, live in a world where less is more, and teach them that fast fashion is not fulfilling.  

We make clothes that we hope you will cherish and pass down for generations to come.

Thank you for looking and joining us in our efforts.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.